Wabi Kusa

£40 person

1 ½ hours

This unique form of Japanese aquascaping grows aquatic plants on a ball of substrate inside a glass container, creating a moist environment where the vegetation can thrive. The aquatic plants become naturalised to the air over a few weeks and are simple to look after – the leaves and substrate just need to be kept moist and placed where there is plenty of light. Wabi (meaning ‘aesthetic’ or ‘imperfectly beautiful’) Kusas (meaning ‘from grass or plant’) make for unique miniature gardens for the home.

All the plants and materials you will need are provided. Please note that this is for the more confident gardener.


Upcoming workshop: Dates yet to be announced. Please get in touch if you would like to request a date or arrange for a private workshop. We will be adding dates of upcoming workshops at our new space in CRATE St James St very soon.