Get Creative

Come and join in at one of our workshops where you can learn to create anything from your own hanging Kokedama to an arrangement of the most beautiful seasonal blooms.


Relax, get creative and indulge in time learning to work with some of natures best offerings.

NB: In light of the coronavirus, we understand that customers may be unable to attend scheduled workshops.


As we are a small business with limited cashflow, we would be so grateful if you would consider postponing a workshop instead of cancelling your booking on it.


To arrange this, please get in touch and we’ll be glad to help.


Thank you kindly,

Sarah & Claudia


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Terrarium workshop – Make your own

Make your own terrarium in this hands-on workshop, and bring the outdoors in by learning which plants to use and how to care for it after you take it home.

Wabi Kusa

This unusual form of Japanese aquascaping grows aquatic plants on a ball of substrate inside a glass container. Make your own to take home.


Kokedamas use a unique Japanese planting style to make indoor plants which can be suspended or stand independently in any room.

Table Centre

Create a table centre arrangement using a glass vase to keep. Perfect for all levels with step-by-step demonstrations and plenty of time to get creative.

Flower Crown

Learn how to make a beautiful fresh flower crown headdress. Perfect for flower lovers and absolutely no flower experience necessary.

Hand Tied Bouquet

Get creative with seasonal flowers and foliage to make your own hand-tied bouquet by learning how to select flowers and how to prepare and arrange them.

Photography courtesy of Carmel King Photography | @carmelkingphoto