Suspended Foliage Art Installation

We love a good project!

Years of working in the floral industry have given us the knowledge and experience to understand the history, seasonality and temperament of flowers

Whether you are planning a launch, pop-up, photoshoot or private party, we create designs that are unique and memorable.

Nothing excites us more than working with seasonal flowers and foliage that are sustainably sourced because we believe it is better for the environment. The diverse range of plants that we can grow locally is just incredible!

Private & Corporate events

Years of experience mean that we know how to ask the right questions ensuring our botanical designs reflect your values, goals and aesthetic sensibilities.

Transform your event or space with flowers

Site-specific floral designs can completely change the look and feel of somewhere.

We relish a challenge and the chance to reimagine spaces with flowers and foliage.

Installations and Commissions

We create designs that are innovative and work to the client rather than traditions.


We work hard to understand your needs and to provide you with tailored solutions. Whether you are planning an event, or need an expert opinion on design using flowers, contact us for your installation, community event, wedding, film or photoshoot needs.

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